Chris Lewis

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Chris Lewis


Chris was born and raised in Massachusetts. He graduated from BYU with a business degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and started working at Sebo in 2013.

Chris decided Internet Marketing was his career path when he realized its unique ability for developing relationships. He loves that it encourages you to meet new people in every industry and genuinely serve them by growing their businesses. He currently resides in Boston, MA as a part of Sebo’s Satellite Program and continues to build relationships out there.

Chris is an avid soccer player and a semi-frequent runner. He plays paintball when he can, is improving at racquetball & skiing, and is terrible at golfing (his goal is to change that soon). Chris is always looking for something new to try.


Soccer - I'll be playing this sport 'till I'm 70.
Horseback Riding - I've gone once. Verdict: I need to go again.
Skiing - Get stuck in powder, and all you can do is laugh.
Paintball - Bruises make me feel alive (you'll probably guess, I'm not the stealthy type).
Racquetball - My goal: I play with my right hand. Make Bruce play with his left hand (he's right-handed). Beat him just once!
Running - Every run has free food at the end.

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Phone: 801-871-9436

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