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No Google Analytics Goals in Place

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  • You have Google Analytics installed on your website
  • Your goals section looks like one of the 2 images below:

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this report requires goals to be enabled

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No Google Analytics Goals in Place

It’s actually pretty common for people to set up Google Analytics but not set up Goals and Filters. Fortunately, the process is pretty easy to complete. Essentially, you have 2 choices:

  1. Watch some YouTube videos about setting up Google Analytics goals and get them in place on your own
  2. Pay Sebo about $150 to get into your Analytics account and configure things the right way. We would do the following tasks for the $150:
    • Set up 1 to 3 website goals
    • Set up filters from visits from your company
    • Set up filters from visits from Sebo employees
    • Set up filters of known bots and non-human visitors
    • Run a goal test to make sure that the goals are triggering properly
    • If you want Sebo to help you with this, please fill out the contact form on this page

My Goals are setup, what now?

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