The Only 2 Metrics You Need to Predict If Your Digital Marketing Will Be Profitable

Digital Marketing is unique because of its ability to measure and record customer behavior. You can track practically anything on your website. Unfortunately, if you’re a beginner to online marketing, having dozens of metrics to keep track of (Bounce Rate, CPA, Backlinks, CTR, etc.) can be confusing. While all these numbers are important, they don’t [...]

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization is an internet marketing strategy to improve webpage rankings on search engines. Improving rankings will increase website traffic, which should in turn increase sales. This is a very brief explanation of search engine optimization and its different components. What is a search engine? A search engine is a tool used [...]

Utah SEO Agencies

Sebo Marketing has been providing quality SEO services since 2005. We are well respected and well known as one of the Best Utah SEO Agencies. However, there are other capable agencies as well. Sebo's owner is good friends with many of these agency owners as well. Sebo Marketing Sebo has tracked the algorithm changes since [...]

What is Search Engine Marketing

People use different phrases for different things. For example, common industry words and acronyms include SEM, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Pay Per Click, Search Marketing, AdWords, and many more. Let's help clarify some of these commonly used terms. Key Term #1: SEM or Search Engine Marketing To be honest, if you [...]

Website Evaluation Tools

Website Evaluation Tools - Free Keyword Saturation Tools SEO Chat's Keyword Saturation Tool - This tool will analyze your chosen URL and return a table of keyword density values for one-, two-, or three-word key terms. In an attempt to mimic the function of search engine spiders, it will filter out common stop words (since [...]

Cross-Browser Compatibility

By definition, cross browser compatibility refers to the ability for a website, web application, HTML construct or client-side script to support multiple web browsers. This is a very important issue because many different browsers are used today, and you want your site to look correct regardless of the browser your site visitor is using. Key [...]

What is Search Engine Optimization?

The purpose of search engine optimization (commonly known as SEO) is really quite simple. It's the process of making your Website attractive to search engines so that they rank you high in their free results. How Does Search Engine Optimization Work? Every search engine utilizes a formula, or an algorithm, to determine where sites should [...]

5 Key Search Engine Optimization Tips

Take a moment and think through the top 5 terms that people would search for if they are looking for a product or service you would sell. Now go to Google.com and type in those terms into the search box. Do you see your website on the first page? How about page 2? Are you [...]

The 3 Essential Parts to Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the core service offered by Sebo Marketing. Our entire business was initially based on our SEO expertise and our previous successes with SEO. What are the 3 Key Components in Search Engine Optimization? The Text Component The Link Component The Popularity Component Search Engine Optimization: The Text Component Search engine [...]

The Importance of Internal Links

Spiders will use your own site's navigation to determine which pages on your site are the most important to you. The more important the page is, the better that page will get ranked by Google. When your site is designed, close attention should be paid to how many internal links are pointing to the most [...]

HTML Compliant Code

Web browsers have created crawlers, commonly known as spiders, to look at your website's code. Spiders are pretty good at overlooking coding errors, but the more your site's code complies with HTML standards, the better your site's performance in the search engines. Due to this, HTML compliant code is quite important for good search engine [...]

Harness the Power of Google Site Maps

Google's suite of webmaster tools provide you an easy way to make your site more Google-friendly. Google's tools can show you how Google sees your site, helps you diagnose problems, and lets you share info with Google to help improve your site's visibility. How do Google Sitemaps Work? Google's engineering director, Shiva Shivakumar said, "Webmasters [...]

Fix Web Crawl Errors

After having the major search engine spiders crawl your site, the search engine spiders can provide a list of errors they discovered. We closely monitor these results to help fix web crawl errors on your site. What does the Web Crawl Errors Page Show Me? The Web crawl errors page provides details about the URLs [...]

External Links

Increasing External Links to Your Website As part of the criteria used in ranking sites, spiders have built into their formula (called an algorithm) a factor that takes into account external links, or links from other sites that link to your site. In the past, having a large number of external links was a very [...]