SEO Case Studies

We started working with Ashford Assisted Living in 2017 and their organic traffic has increased significantly each year. By optimizing the site for relevant keywords with a high search volume, and by having a strong link building strategy, we have been able to get Ashford Assisted Living’s website to rank higher on Google, thus increasing the number of visitors to their site.

One specific example of this was when they opened a new location in Draper, UT. Once the new page representing this location was launched, we were able to get that area to rank on the first page of Google within a few months of opening. In October 2018 they were ranking for the keyword “Assisted Living Draper Utah” on the 4th page of Google, by February 2019, they were on page 1 of Google’s search results.

Come Run the Utah Valley Marathon

 Utah Valley Marathon (

When Hyrum Oaks, the creator of the Utah Valley Marathon approached Sebo Marketing, about their website, they had only had 240 runners participate in their 2008 marathon. They needed to increase their participation and we discussed target keywords and made plans.

The year after Sebo got involved, the race grew to over 1,200 participants, then to 3,800 runners in 2010. In 2012, the race had a combined 7,200 athletes participate in the full marathon, half marathon, and 10k.

Sebo Marketing helped us get a 500% increase in athletes in the first year of using their services due to their extensive SEO skills. Our race has become the fastest growing race in Utah and one of the fastest growing in the nation. They have been great to deal with, and always work fast. They have unmatched skill in design and online marketing. I have learned from my experience with them that your website when executed properly can be even better than your store front. They have gotten our race website at the top of many Google searches.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants more customers.

– Hyrum Oaks, Race Director

We’ve been working with Paradigm Life for a little over a year now; their story is a great example of how a good content strategy compounded with proper link building can greatly improve the SEO of a website.

One component of SEO is the size of your website — specifically having fresh, unique content added on a regular basis. Because of this, we often recommend our clients have a blog on their site. A blog is a great way to be adding new content to a site, however, that content is only as good as the research behind it. It is essential that the topics written about are relevant and are effectively targeting the appropriate keywords. After that content is written though, it is useless if Google doesn’t know it is there or if they don’t see any other sites linking to it, suggesting it is valuable content. 

Link building is another essential component of SEO as it helps Google see how “popular” a site is, but like content, link building is only as good as the research behind it. For our SEO clients, we almost always suggest implementing a link building strategy to get your site showing up toward the top of Google’s results.

Towards the end of 2019 we were really able to get the ball rolling with great content for Paradigm Life, we were then able to amp up our link building to that content, and essentially have seen amazing results for their organic traffic (non-paid traffic from search engines). For Paradigm life, we see a great overall trend line for organic traffic just from having great new content and link building to that content. Even though it took a major dip in March (COVID), their traffic picked right back up in April and has done incredibly since.

Cellercise has been our client since 2016, in that time we have seen major growth in their organic traffic which can be attributed to staying on top of an ever changing SEO strategy. SEO isn’t something you do once and are done with, it is a living, breathing strategy that often changes from one month to the next. Our goal with SEO is to see a steady increase in relevant organic traffic each month; Cellercise is the perfect example of how a good SEO and content strategy can make all the difference in organic website traffic.

At Sebo, we approach SEO with the understanding that no amount of link building and article writing will improve your website if you are not targeting the right keywords. Every month we are looking at the data to make sure our efforts are going towards the right phrases. Which words are people searching for? Are these words the most relevant/action driven words for this client? Is it possible for our client to attain a great position on Google with these words in a timely manner and with their budget? Once we’ve actually chosen the words we want to target, the delivery is even more important. What content needs to be written around these words, where should that content go, are we building the right links to this new content? These are only a few of the questions we ask in our process of developing the right SEO strategy.

For Cellercise, one of our first recommendations was a complete rehaul of their website as well as the addition of a lot of new content. We completed their site overhaul in November and December of 2016. Very quickly, we began to see a huge increase in organic traffic.

For a few years Cellercise would always have a really great month in January and then we would see the organic traffic decrease throughout the rest of the year. It would happen like this through 2017, but we wanted to see it increasing every month, not just in January. In 2018 we approached the website with a new content strategy that completely reversed the old trend such that we began seeing an overall increase in organic traffic almost every month. 

In February of 2020, we pivoted our SEO strategy to allocate even more resources directly into new articles & link building. Because of this, April 2020 blew every other month out of the water. It has been exciting to see the site continue to grow, despite the effects of external factors. We are certain these improvements in organic traffic are due to a great SEO and content strategy.