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“Your website is not ranking on Google top page”

If you own a website you most likely have received an unsolicited email with this message at least once (or 100 times).  Using actual data from Google, Sebo Marketing will help you rank higher for the keyword phrases that actually matter to you.

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I Know I Need to do SEO.  Where Do I Start?

Google strives to provide the best results for any given search query.  If you work on improving the following 5 components your site will begin to rank better:

  • Text – your target key phrase is on the page (ideally in the title tag, URL, header, and body)
  • Links (Internal) – internal pages are linking to this page
  • Popularity (Links to your site) – other popular websites are linking to your website
  • Size – Google wants to see a site growing over time – make sure this new content is relevant to your website
  • Time – Google gives more credence to websites that have been around longer.

Sebo Marketing’s mission is to help companies like yours get better SEO results.  If you would like a free audit please reach out to us.

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What Makes Sebo Marketing Different?

Data Driven

We use data from Search Console and Google Analytics to create an educated strategy with you.

No Contracts

We care about your business and we want you to succeed.  This is why we have no contracts.  We work to earn your business every month.

Honest & Transparent

We report to you both the good and the bad.  If something isn’t working as we expected, we use that as an opportunity to restrategize.

Teaching & Mentoring

We frequently host free classes where we invite our clients bootcamps where we basically teach them what we do.  We want our clients to know what is involved with SEO.

We Love Our Clients!

Here are just a few of our clients who we have helped over the years.

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Dive Deeper into Our SEO Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Overview

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about having Unique content that is targeted around specific keyword phrases that gets added to your site to keep it Fresh. Once the new, fresh content is on your credible and established site, get other people talking about your Quality content by linking back to your content. See what major updates Google has made to its Search Engine algorithm since 2008!

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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is all about identifying the best keyword phrase for a given page on your website. Having that keyword is not enough though; you also need to be using that keyword on the page in all the places that search engines look!

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Link Building

Having links from other sites pointing to your website improves your rankings! Sebo can help you acquire more links from relevant and valuable sources.

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SEO Pricing

Whether you have SEO work done already, or if you want to put it into place for the first time, Sebo can help you get going! Sebo can help you beef up your on-page SEO, set up link building, and update your website with fresh content.

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SEO Case Studies

Certain Sebo’s clients have watched the popularity  of their websites skyrocket! Read our clients’ success stories by checking out the SEO Case Studies page.

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