Website Checklist:

How does your website measure up?

Is Google Analytics Installed?

How many people visit your site in a day? How about in a month or year? Can you tell what pages are being viewed, or what pages perform better than others?

A website is only as good as it’s ability to count its visitors, track their actions, and report back to you with the results. This data helps you refine your website and identify any weak spots that may exist.

Sounds great, right? The problem is that most of the sites we encounter have little or no visitor tracking abilities; and the reason why usually surprises people. Websites don’t track anything by default. You have to install and properly setup your website with online tools to do so. Easily the most common data gathering tool is Google Analytics. As one of the most powerful online tracking tools available, Google Analytics won’t work to its full capacity without the proper setup.

Do you have Google Analytics installed on your website?

Yes     No

I use a different tool to gather my website data

  • If you want to see if you have Google Analytics, go to your website, then hit CTRL + U. This will pull up your website source code that will look something like this:

HTML Source Code Example

  • Once you are looking at your source code, type in CTRL + F, then type in “analytics” into the Find box
  • Look for code that is similar to what is shown below

Google Analytics Code Snippet Example

  • If you see something similar to the code above, including the UA-xxxxxxx-x number, you have Google Analytics installed!


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