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How does your website measure up?

Website Conversion Rate Analysis

Now that we have sufficient data, let’s do a bit of data analysis. Our goal is to determine if your site does a good job converting visitors. If your site doesn’t convert visitors into leads, driving more traffic to the site just doesn’t make any sense. If your site does a great job converting visitors into leads, then it’s time to get more visitors to your site!

Let’s take a look at your website conversion rates.

  • Go back to your Google Analytics account
  • Click on Reporting from the top menu

Sufficient Website Data - Reporting

  • Click Conversions from the left menu
    • Click Goals, then Overview for lead generation websites
    • Click E-Commerce, then Overview for E-Commerce websites
    • Look for something like the following image:

Website Conversion Rate Example

website conversion rate example

What should my conversion rates be? Great question. It really does vary greatly, but in general Lead Generation sites should be at least 3%, and hopefully 5% or more. E-Commerce sites should be at least 1%, and hopefully 2% or more.

If your site numbers are above these website performance benchmarks, let’s talk about driving traffic to your site.

If your site numbers are below these website performance benchmarks, let’s talk about improving the conversion rates of your website.

Am I happy with my website conversion rates?

Yes – What’s next?     No – What can I do to improve them?

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