Conversion Rate Best Practices

There are a lot of things to consider when building a website that uses the best conversion rate practices to effectively convert visitors into leads or customers.

Conversion Rate Tip #1: Think Like a Customer

Most people build their website focused on what they want to tell people about. They say “we’re great at this!” or “we’re the best at that!”. However, most visitors think a bit differently.

Let’s use Sebo as an example, and let’s assume that you want to build a new website.

Most sites will say “we’re the best company around…choose us!” But here’s the problem…as a visitor you want to know certain things about building a website. For example:

  • How long will it take?
  • What is the cost?
  • Will Google like the site when it is done?
  • What does the process look like?

Many companies say “don’t tell people our prices…make them call us so we can talk to them first!” That’s not a great way to turn visitors into customers. Feel free to check out the common questions we have answered on our Website Design page, or how to estimate a price of a new website on our New Website Pricing page.

Conversion Rate Tip #2: Understand the Concept of A/B Testing

A/B Testing simply means try a page, then change 1 element, and then try it again. Ideally, you even have 2 versions of the page running simultaneously, and using PPC, you send 50% of the visitors to version A, and 50% of the visitors to version B. Click on the images below:

Banner Version

Video Version

eyeQ test - Banner eyeQ test - Video

While the above example isn’t a pure A/B test, it gets the point across. We aren’t trying to test the text of the 4 bullets. We aren’t trying to test the color of the buy button. We aren’t trying to test the text of the buy button.

Conversion Rate Tip #3: Test Like Crazy!

Even though we have done this for years and years, we still prefer data to tell us what is working and what is not. Is a banner better than a video? Or is a video better than a banner?

One of the awesome things about Internet marketing is we don’t have to guess the answer to that question. Launch a page with a banner and gather the data. Check the results. Launch a variation of the page, gather data, then check the results again.

Repeat. And then repeat. And then repeat again…

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