How Sebo is Different

The entire concept of Sebo Marketing was based on the premise that our clients shouldn’t be the only ones to take some risk. In other words, many competitors charge set fees, regardless of your profits.

That concept doesn’t seem right to us. We feel that if we work for you, you should benefit from our efforts. This is a bit tricky, because we need to select companies that we feel have strong potential for online growth and success.

Describe Sebo’s Target Client

We have clients in all different industries, with all different products, with all different price ranges. Some of our clients are established businesses, some are start-ups, and most are somewhere in between. As an internet marketing firm located in Utah we have many clients in the state of Utah, but we service clients from all over the world.

Some of our clients have had excellent websites that we simply needed to drive PPC traffic to the site. Others had decent sites that needed tweaking. Others had sites that needed complete overhauls. Other clients didn’t even have a website when they became our client.

What it comes down to is it needs to make sense for our companies to work together. Our skill set needs to match your needs, and there has to be a way to make it mutually profitable for both of us. Our goal is to make a bit of money after you have started to make lots of money.

Feel free to check out some of Sebo Marketing’s SEO Case Studies

Feel free to check out some of Sebo Marketing’s Conversion Rate Case Studies

Does That Mean Sebo Takes All the Risk?

In some cases, we work on a pure percentage basis. Unless you make sales and profits, we don’t make a dime. However, these situations are rare. In most cases, we try to do some initial efforts for you, and we ask that our costs for these efforts are covered.

Unlike web design companies, we don’t build a profit margin into our initial site building costs. Our profits come once our efforts are successful for you.

We figure out what needs to get done in order to position your company to make money each and every month online. We then maintain your site and make improvements to it in an attempt to increase your sales. If our efforts are successful, then we both make money.