Website Analytics

This is a critical topic for any website owner. Every website has strengths and weaknesses. The key is to know the strengths and weaknesses of your site. It comes down to what we call “The 3 Pillars of Internet Marketing.”

Pillar 1: Traffic
How many visitors come to your website?

Pillar 2: Conversion Rates
Out of every 100 visitors, how many of them take the desired action?

Pillar 3: Average Order Value
For each visitor that becomes a customer, how much is that worth to your business?

Website Analytics Example

Let’s suppose that you get 5 leads from your website each day. Is that good or bad?

It completely depends on the number of visitors you get to visit your website. If you only get 10 visitors a day and you get 5 leads, that tells us that 50% of your visitors turn into leads. That means that the site Conversion Rate is really good. Therefore, try and get more visitors to your site.

But, if you get 1,000 visitors a day, then 5 leads is a very poor conversion rate. If that is the case, don’t think about driving traffic to your site…fix the site conversion rates!

Without Website Analytics, It Comes Down to Guessing and Luck

We want you to know which strategy is the right strategy to implement at any given time. If your conversion rates are great, then drive more traffic to the site. If your conversion rates are not good, then don’t drive traffic until you improve the effectiveness of your website.

Without Website Analytics, you really don’t know what to fix on your website.

What If I Already Have Google Analytics on My Website?

We suggest having a phone call with a member of our optimization team. We can help you figure out your site conversion rates, and what the next best step would be for your website.

What If I Don’t Have Google Analytics on My Website?

Please call us at 801-227-7326 as soon as possible. We will help you get Google Analytics installed and functioning properly for a very nominal fee (usually $100-$200). We will then let your site gather some data, and then we can have a follow up conversation to determine if your conversion rates are good or not. Even if you don’t use Sebo to help get Google Analytics going on your site, please start gathering data as soon as possible. It is a critical step for creating a profitable website.