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Google Analytics Goals

Once Google Analytics is in place, we want to make sure that you have configured your account correctly. There are 2 things we specifically are wanting to see if you have set up:

  1. Filters – these essentially allow you to only count real visitors to your site. If you visit your own website, you shouldn’t count visitors from yourself! Also, a lot of non-human visitors come to your website (like Google’s tools to check out your site). We don’t want to count those visitors, and filters allows us to exclude them. Learn how to implement referrer spam filter.
  2. Goals – this is the ability to track the most important actions on your website and their value. The most common goal is the completion of a form on your site.

Let’s see if you have goals set up.

  • Log into your Google Analytics account
  • Click on Conversions
  • Which scenario is happening for you?

Scenario #1: You have enabled goals and they ARE set up with a goal value. Great job!

Scenario #2: You have enabled goals and they ARE set up but with no goal value. Almost there!

website conversion rate example

Scenario #3: You haven’t enabled goals.

this report requires goals to be enabled

Scenario #4: You have enabled goals, but they ARE NOT set up correctly.

No Google Analytics Goals in Place

Advanced Topic: Link Search Console to Google Analytics

If SEO is important to you, it’s a very good idea to set up a Search Console account and then link Search Console account to Google Analytics.

If you don’t have goals in place, or they aren’t functioning properly, Sebo Marketing can help. For $150, we can make sure your goals are set up and working correctly. Just fill out the form at the bottom!

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