Online Marketing Resources

While our website has lots of information about SEO, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimization and much more, most of the pages really are overview pages of important concepts. This section of our site is designed to give additional details and insights than our other pages. Think of the pages in our Services section as the 100-Level courses, and the pages in our Online Marketing Resources section gets into 200- & 300-Level courses.

Tracking Google’s SEO Algorithm Updates

In the early 2000’s, Google would only change their SEO algorithm a few times a year. These days, it’s about impossible to track every algorithm update, since the SEO algorithm gets changed over 1,000 times per year! Our SEO Algorithm Updates page highlights many of the important changes that have taken place.

Online Marketing Trends

Not surprisingly, Online Marketing changes very rapidly. What are some of the biggest changes that the industry has seen, and what will likely change in the future? Who are a few of the nationally known people in the industry where you can trust what they say? The Online Marketing Trends page reviews many of these ideas.

Helpful Online Marketing Tools

Every week, some client of ours asks us about different Marketing Tools that are helpful for optimizing their website performance. This page discusses many of the common Helpful Online Marketing Tools that we use on a regular basis. If there is a tool that you like that isn’t listed, it’s either because we have tried it and didn’t like it, or we aren’t familiar with that tool yet. Let us know about it, and we’ll take a look!

A Brief History of Search

Many people don’t realize how many major search engines came before Google. It’s rather fascinating to think about all the other search engines that could have become Google. Can you imagine a world without Google? A place where instead of Googling something, we might have AltaVista’d something? Here’s a brief look at the history of search.