Website Checklist:

How does your website measure up?

Goal #1: Are you happy with your website?

  • This question addresses the key purpose of your site. In summary, does it do what you want it to do?
  • For example, if the purpose of your site is to generate leads, do you have functioning lead generation forms on your site?

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Goal #2: Is Google Analytics installed and configured correctly?

  • Filters: Make sure you only count real visitors. Don’t count visits from yourself or people within your company, and don’t count visits from non-human or bot visitors.
  • Goals: Ensure that you are tracking the most important actions that can take place on your site.

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Goal #3: Do you have sufficient data?

  • Once you have Analytics in place, and it is configured correctly, we need to build up enough data to get an accurate statistical picture.
  • In general, we need at least 300 visitors to gather this data.

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Goal #4: Have you interpreted your data?

  • Data doesn’t do any good unless you look at it! Specifically, we want to see if your highest marketing priority is to:
    • Get more traffic coming to the site, or
    • Improve website conversion rates – the ability to turn visitors into leads or online sales.

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Goal #5: Have you pulled the right marketing lever?

  • There are hundreds of things you could do to improve your website right now
  • The big question is are you working on the most important thing right now? Are you pulling the right lever?

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