Landing Page Optimization

What is a Landing Page?

The very first page a visitor sees when they arrive on your website is called the landing page. In many cases, this first page is not the home page. Why not?

If the person clicks on a link from another site talking about the cool XYZ widget you sell on your site, it is likely they will send you directly to the XYZ page, not the home page.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization is the process of evaluating the key landing pages on your website to ensure that each page is doing what you want it to do. We have optimized the landing pages for hundreds of websites over the years. We know what it takes.

We can be very involved in optimizing your landing page, and we can even design new landing pages for your site. It many cases, your site doesn’t need to be redesigned. Driving traffic to a well thought out landing page might be all that is needed to quickly start generating leads for your business.

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