PPC Overview

Sebo Employees are Pay-Per-Click Experts…But What is PPC?

PPC is short for Pay-Per-Click advertising. PPC is an advertising technique where advertisers bid on keywords they believe their target market would type into the search bar of a search engine such as Google. It is called Pay-Per-Click because the advertiser only pays when someone sees and CLICKS on the ad to visit your website.

How Do I Know that Sebo Employees Really are PPC Experts?

We have been working with PPC campaigns since 2004. Every month, we profitably drive over 200,000 visitors to our client’s Websites. Literally, we have driven millions of visitors to our client’s Websites – while making it profitable for our clients.

We require all Sebo optimization team members to become Google AdWords certified. Additionally, PPC team members undergo extensive internal training.

We are experienced with running PPC campaigns through every major search engine, including AdWords and Bing’s Ad Center.

Sebo Marketing is a Certified Google AdWords Partner – fulfilling all requirements and passing all of the tests including Search, Display, Video, and Shopping exams..

Sebo Marketing is an approved Google Partner

Is it Hard to Manage a Profitable PPC Campaign?

Yes, it takes experience and expertise to run a profitable PPC campaign. There are countless companies that set up PPC campaigns, just to let them run without ongoing management; not knowing how to improve the campaigns if they don’t do well.

Our clients don’t have to worry about their campaigns because we watch them on a daily basis. You will see improvements in your results over time with Sebo Marketing managing the accounts.

Why Does PPC Work So Well?

PPC is like paying for a billboard ad by the side of the road, but you get to tell the billboard company the following stipulations:

  • Most people have to pay for every car that drives by. I only want to pay for the people that see my ad, and like it so much that they actually visit my website.
  • Paying for a billboard typically requires a very expensive up front investment. I want to keep my initial investment really small (as low as $10!), and if it works for me, I’ll keep the campaign going.
  • Billboards have a fixed number of people who see it every day. If my ad is working well, I want to be able increase or decrease it’s exposure on a monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis.
  • Billboards are hard to track. Unless someone tells me they came to my website because of the billboard, I don’t know how effective it really was. I want to know exactly how many people came to my site, how many made a purchase, how much revenue it generated for me, and how much profit I earned from the campaign.
  • Billboard companies tell me how much it’s going to cost each month. I want to tell them how much I want to spend, and how much I will pay per click.
  • Billboards require money up front and an investment for a minimum period of time. I want to pay as I go, and have the freedom to start, pause, resume, or stop at any time.
  • Billboards limit my exposure to certain roads. I want to set up my ad, and have it shown in any city, state, country, or language I want throughout the world.