PPC Set Up Services

Setting up a PPC account effectively requires forethought and experience. A set up has a number of parts to it:

  • Determining the goal of the account
  • Researching the keywords that will generate your ads
  • Organizing your target keywords into similar themes (called Campaigns and Ad Groups)
  • Putting the keywords into their appropriate Ad Groups
  • Writing effective PPC ads that comply with Google’s rules for each Ad Group
  • Controlling the settings (What countries, states, cities, and counties do you want your ads to show up? Do you want your ads to show up on tablets? Mobile phones?)
  • Setting the monthly budget
  • Allocating the monthly budget to each Campaign and Ad Group
  • Setting up Google AdWords Conversion Tracking
  • Testing the account
  • Turning it live and monitoring the results

Set Up the Account on Your Own or Get Professional Help?

Some people want to be very involved and learn how to effectively go through the PPC set up process on their own. Some people want some help.

Our PPC set up services are here to help you set up your PPC account the right way.

In most cases, it costs about $750 for us to do everything listed above, and to watch over your account for the first month. For more information, learn about our PPC Set Up Pricing options on our PPC Pricing page.

Word of Caution with Most PPC Companies

If you choose to have a professional PPC company help you with your PPC account, please make sure that the account is set up in your name. Unfortunately, most professional PPC companies want the account to be set up in their name. It would be easy to explain how they can make that sound appealing.

Don’t do it.

Essentially, if the account is in their name, and you have to end the relationship with them, you can’t take your account with you. You have to start over with a brand new account. Yes, some of them will let us export the data and import it into a new account. But it just causes problems. Please make sure that you are always the owner of your own PPC account!