The 4 Key Parts of a PPC Ad

The 4 Key Parts of a PPC Ad Example of a PPC Ad at the Top of the Page Example of a PPC Ad on the Right Side of the Page 1. The PPC Headline or Title This is the top line that you see in a PPC ad. In Google, it shows up in [...]

Has Google’s Broad Match ‘Over-Expanded’ Itself?

by Tim Daly, Friday, April 20, 2007 MediaPost Publications AS PAID SEARCH engine marketing matures, so do the strategies marketers employ to manage their campaigns. When Google introduced the expanded broad match a while back to the regular broad match that is so frequently used in campaigns, there was immediate interest, but there were also [...]

PPC Optimization Tips

Google's PPC Optimization Tips Show Your PPC Ads More Often Your daily budget determines how often your ad is shown for your keywords. To maximize the number of times your ad is shown throughout the day, set your daily budget high enough that the ads won't turn off during the day. Improve the Position of [...]

Website Keyword Lists

Website Keyword Lists Effective Websites Start with Effective Keyword Lists A well designed Website must have a set of targeted keywords built into the navigation of the site. Each page on the site needs to target 1 keyword phrase. Many Websites make the mistake of trying to have a single Web page try to get [...]

What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising? Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising technique used on websites, advertising networks, and search engines. Advertisers bid on "keywords" that they believe their target market (people they think would be interested in their offer) would type in the search bar when they are looking for their type of product [...]

Writing Effective PPC Ads

Writing Effective PPC Ads There are 5 Main Components of Successful PPC Ads Verbs that create a mental picture or tell a mini-story - Uncover, Light-Up, Reveal, all convey pictures in the readers mind with a single word. Here would be some good pictures in action: These apples’ juices pour from your mouth The juices [...]

How should you estimate your website’s conversion rate?

We introduced a lovely calculator that allows you to get a rough idea of how AdWords will perform. This is nifty if you plan on using AdWords for paid search. When meeting with a prospective client, they rarely know the numbers needed for the calculator (average order value, conversion rate, cost per click, etc.). That's [...]