Sebo Marketing Testimonials

Rather than start this page with the list of cool testimonials, we’ve decided to document the process of a client who hired us in 2006 (as of 2014, they are still happy Sebo clients!) to take over the websites for her and her business partner’s very cool and creative businesses (Wildly Different and Masters of the Hunt).

She went through the standard process of researching companies, asking for and checking up on referrals, making a decision, and then getting started. Here’s how the process went:

She Asked for Recommendations from Sebo Marketing Clients.

Of course, we were happy to provide several references for her. A few days later, Lisa sent back the following email:

Well, you’ll be happy to know that not only did I get a recommendation from each of your referrals – they were glowing recommendations!

Here is One of the Recommendations She Received:

I would highly recommend Bruce Rowe and his company Sebo. Bruce is very knowledgeable about SEO, PPC, and what works with website designs. Having made the decision as a company over a year ago to use Sebo has yielded us greater success at overall website traffic, downloads, and ultimately revenue for Corda.

Bruce and his team are the most responsive company I’ve worked with. You will find that they are very prompt, efficient, and quick to help. I have nothing but the highest compliments for them as a team and company. Bottom line, I wouldn’t use anyone else to support and maintain our SEO, PPC, and Website design and communication.

– Mark Christensen, VP of Marketing, Corda Technologies

Soon After, They Decided to Move Forward with Sebo Marketing.

I talked to my partner at Masters of the Hunt, and we are both 100% on board with moving forward with having you rebuild both of our sites and maintaining them for us. We feel confident about you, Sebo Marketing and your services. We are wildly happy we found you!

The Time Came for Sebo Marketing to Launch Their New Website:

Eureka! The new website looks great. I’ve already received several compliments on it. The changes you made for the Promo Campaigns, Ideas Calendar and adding in the e-commerce Store are perfect. Thank you!

You have all been truly wonderful and I appreciate it. I know it wasn’t the easiest website you’ve developed. I appreciate your patience with all of my input. My business is a strange duck and I’ve always lamented how hard it is to get my message across. But, I’m blown away by how quickly you picked up on what it is we do, how we do it and who our customers are. Pretty impressive, seeing as my parents STILL can’t figure it out :-)

After Launch, Sebo Added a Few Fun Things to the New Sites:

Dane: Well, you took us both aback. We weren’t expecting you to come up with what you did…and we both love it! You’ve captured the quirkiness and fun of our business AND show both an old-fashioned and modern hunt with panache. Awesome! You rock!

Several years later, our relationship with them still continues to be strong. Wildly Different and Master’s of the Hunt are cool websites with amazing services.

We sent them a report recently, and this is how they responded:

Holy cow! I know one thing after looking at that report…I’m REALLY glad we have you doing this for us! Pretty complicated stuff! And, I had to giggle when a competitor of ours told me they do all of their own PPC. As Bruce pointed out to me when we were doing training calls way back when, they do a LOT of stuff wrong with their site. Have I mentioned how grateful I am that we have you working with us?! Seriously, you all do a wonderful job and I wanted to let you know it!

Have a fantastic holiday week!

Several years later, we still enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with Wildly Different and Master’s of the Hunt.

Unsolicited Comments from Happy Sebo Clients

  • As a marketing organization you understand the value and the importance of brand recognition. With that being said I would like to commend you for great reputation that Sebo has in the market place.  Recently, I have been told by two completely different companies about how great of a company Sebo is!In addition to the product and services you provide I have also been told, “that the people at Sebo are fantastic to work with.” As a former business owner it is always great to hear how consumers perceive your company.  I wish the best of success to you and your organization in 2012.
  • I feel your efforts have been over the top. I am impressed even more than I thought I would be.
  • Thanks Bruce for the follow-up. As always, you are detailed and responsive!
  • Certainly this program and other key Marketing activities couldn’t be successful without the help of many, great job all! Look at the graph below, and you will see a significant increase and spike in downloads, all due to the effort and focus we are putting to the SEO/PPC program (Great work Sebo!!)
  • Both Paul and Ned – You are rock stars! I really appreciate the promptness of your responses to the VE changes the last couple of days.
  • You are right on top of it! Thanks Bruce and great summary.
  • This is absolutely fantastic! Congratulations to everyone at Sebo Marketing. Your consistent tweaking and paying attention is certainly paying off.
  • I’m very pleased, as is the rest of the management team here with what Sebo has done thus far. We are excited about our future together.
  • Dane, all I can say is WOW, I really like this! I’ll spend more time when I can, but this is great guys!
  • The work you have done and will continue to do for our websites is incredible. I look forward to each of us doing both friendly and profitable business together for a long time.
  • Sorry I didn’t have a clue what I was doing with online shipping and handling. Thank you for taking the time to teach me how to do this.
  • Bruce, you need to know that Paul has been awesome this last little while.
  • Thanks for everything you do. Sebo is the best!
  • Thanks Sebo, from everything we can tell you guys are knocking the lights out!
  • Great tool!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you guys made that for us. Thanks!
  • Our entire company has nothing but great things to say about Sebo Marketing.
  • Just wanted to say thanks for a great meeting today. I appreciate your time and am looking forward to working with you guys. You really know what you’re doing and I have a lot of confidence in you :) Thanks for explaining things – I have been enlightened.
  • Dane did a great job of helping get some color things changed. He’s very helpful and very patient.
  • Bruce, you have a great team of writers – I’m very pleased with how they write.
  • I have just spent over an hour going through the new site you designed for us. I LOVE IT! Paul (or whoever is responsible for the site organization), the layout of everything is fantastic.
  • Coming from a non-computer type you can consider this a real compliment because it means it’s so easy to navigate and understand that anyone could do it. I am so happy with the way you’ve layed out the [new content] that had never been posted before, but that we always had plans to do!
  • Yeah for Sebo Marketing!!!! Really, I’m most impressed and pleased.
  • Your comments are very insightful. We love, our partnership, we think you guys TOTALLY know what you are doing and look forward to a long fruitful time together. You have helped us a ton!!!
  • I think Sebo has done an excellent job in crating a site for us that is really good for readability, interest, accurate paragraph headings, etc.!
  • Thanks for all you guys have done. You’re a great company to work with.
  • Thanks again, we appreciate all your help and your attentiveness to our site.
  • Looks really good to me Bruce. Tell everybody “good work!”
  • It looks great to me. Thanks for all the improvements! Sure appreciate Sebo’s great work!!
  • Thanks for a wonderful looking site you guys. It’s so professional and the layout is simple and complete, AND all our information is there: I love it!
  • THANKS Paul! The information you provide us is so good to know! It’s only going to get lots better. Appreciate everyone at Sebo a lot!
  • SWWEEETTT answer!!! :-) I liked it a lot! Paul’s information is always so complete and easy to understand too. Thanks again to everyone at Sebo Marketing!!
  • Bruce and the entire Sebo team: Our new site looks great! Thanks again for your professionalism and responsiveness!
  • I really like the look and direction of our new website. Great job to everyone at Sebo.
  • To me this is what a partner is, someone who goes beyond the mark without being asked. Thank you Sebo!
  • Thank you so much for the cogent analysis. I love it when someone reminds me of my own prior decisions!! Thanks again and keep up the great work!
  • Thank you so much for all you are doing for us and our website.
  • We love your work, we esteem your partnership, and we TOTALLY trust you capabilities and look forward to our partnership in every way.
  • I have a bit of good news for you, Sebo has helped us realize our first increase in profits in a long time. Congratulations and thank you!
  • We want you to know we really appreciate your work and highly value our partnership. We look forward to a fruitful 2007. Thanks for all you have done.
  • Bruce, thanks for being so incredibly responsive.
  • Wow – these look definitely great. I like the 3rd one very much. Let’s go with it. Dane – thanks a lot for your abilities and your patience.
  • Congrats! Our new web site is live! Say a big thanks to the guys.
  • Just fyi. I can already tell that we are trickling up in Google. This is GREAT!
  • Thanks for making the changes to the website. Things are looking great! Thanks for all the entire Sebo team has done for us!
  • I wanted Sebo to know that I received an email from a new potential client last night. The person said since my website was at the top of the search results for his search term, I must know what I’m doing. Thanks for making me look fantastic!
  • Conversion rates are WAY better then before! It’s great! Thanks Sebo!
  • I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me yesterday. I’ve been thinking about everything we discussed and appreciate your willingness to share your experience.
  • You. Are. AWE-INSPIRING! Every once in a while (rarely) in my long career I encounter someone who redefines competence and superior performance. I am truly praying that our association continues until the results allow me to reward you properly for the foundation you are laying.  Our agreement is such that you are helping me build the business, and sharing in the up-front costs (and pain) necessary to get it to where the profits generated are a cash cow