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Rather than start this page with the list of cool testimonials, we’ve decided to document the process of a client who hired us in 2006 (as of 2014, they are still happy Sebo clients!) to take over the websites for her and her business partner’s very cool and creative businesses (Wildly Different and Masters of the Hunt).

She went through the standard process of researching companies, asking for and checking up on referrals, making a decision, and then getting started. Here’s how the process went:

She Asked for Recommendations from Sebo Marketing Clients.

Of course, we were happy to provide several references for her. A few days later, Lisa sent back the following email:

Well, you’ll be happy to know that not only did I get a recommendation from each of your referrals – they were glowing recommendations!

Here is One of the Recommendations She Received:

I would highly recommend Bruce Rowe and his company Sebo. Bruce is very knowledgeable about SEO, PPC, and what works with website designs. Having made the decision as a company over a year ago to use Sebo has yielded us greater success at overall website traffic, downloads, and ultimately revenue for Corda.

Bruce and his team are the most responsive company I’ve worked with. You will find that they are very prompt, efficient, and quick to help. I have nothing but the highest compliments for them as a team and company. Bottom line, I wouldn’t use anyone else to support and maintain our SEO, PPC, and Website design and communication.

– Mark Christensen, VP of Marketing, Corda Technologies

Soon After, They Decided to Move Forward with Sebo Marketing.

I talked to my partner at Masters of the Hunt, and we are both 100% on board with moving forward with having you rebuild both of our sites and maintaining them for us. We feel confident about you, Sebo Marketing and your services. We are wildly happy we found you!

The Time Came for Sebo Marketing to Launch Their New Website:

Eureka! The new website looks great. I’ve already received several compliments on it. The changes you made for the Promo Campaigns, Ideas Calendar and adding in the e-commerce Store are perfect. Thank you!

You have all been truly wonderful and I appreciate it. I know it wasn’t the easiest website you’ve developed. I appreciate your patience with all of my input. My business is a strange duck and I’ve always lamented how hard it is to get my message across. But, I’m blown away by how quickly you picked up on what it is we do, how we do it and who our customers are. Pretty impressive, seeing as my parents STILL can’t figure it out

After Launch, Sebo Added a Few Fun Things to the New Sites:

Dane: Well, you took us both aback. We weren’t expecting you to come up with what you did…and we both love it! You’ve captured the quirkiness and fun of our business AND show both an old-fashioned and modern hunt with panache. Awesome! You rock!

Several years later, our relationship with them still continues to be strong. Wildly Different and Master’s of the Hunt are cool websites with amazing services.

We sent them a report recently, and this is how they responded:

Holy cow! I know one thing after looking at that report…I’m REALLY glad we have you doing this for us! Pretty complicated stuff! And, I had to giggle when a competitor of ours told me they do all of their own PPC. As Bruce pointed out to me when we were doing training calls way back when, they do a LOT of stuff wrong with their site. Have I mentioned how grateful I am that we have you working with us?! Seriously, you all do a wonderful job and I wanted to let you know it!

Have a fantastic holiday week!

Several years later, we still enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with Wildly Different and Master’s of the Hunt.

Unsolicited Comments from Happy Sebo Clients

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