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Every client is unique, and so are their needs. In general, SEO work can either be done on an existing site, or a new SEO-friendly website can be created for our clients. Based on these situations, we provide unique and customized SEO pricing proposals to every potential client of Sebo Marketing after gathering details and performing our own research.

The following SEO pricing guidelines should give you a feel for the types of SEO services and prices we offer.

On Page SEO – $500 per month

Website content and keywords are an important part in getting natural rankings in Google, which leads to an increase in traffic and leads. Websites should target relevant keywords, and those keywords should appear in appropriate places on the website.

  • Initial keyword research to select the most important 50 keywords to target over 3-4 months
  • 5-10 new pages/keywords created/targeted each month
  • Optimization on existing pages to make them more SEO-friendly & only target 1 keyword/page
  • Monthly reporting of keyword rankings

Off Page SEO / Link Building – $500 per month per 10 Keywords

Link building strategies and incoming link campaigns are a proven and effective way to improve search engine rankings. And as of August 2013 with Google Hummingbird, approximately 40% of the rankings you receive are determined by the quality and quantity of your links, as well as the velocity (the speed at which your site receives new links).

Sebo has developed a strategic link building program for increasing your website’s external links. We recommend a 6-month package so that all aspects of external link building can be rotated through and implemented for your website.  However, we can do link building on a month-to-month basis. In some cases, we might need to focus on quantity of links. In other cases, we might need to focus on gathering quality links. We will create a custom plan that is right for you.

  • Target up to 10 unique keywords
  • Directory Submissions
  • Forum Link Building
  • Blog Reviews and Commenting
  • Article and Press Release Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Direct, one-way links from niche and high PageRank websites
  • Monthly reporting of keyword rankings

SEO Article Creation – $500 per Month

With the latest Google Hummingbird update, it is becoming more and more important to have fresh, new content on your website. If Google sees endless new SEO links being created but no new pages or content changing on your website…it thinks, “there’s no reason for new links if the site hasn’t changed in a long time.” This package is designed to add new and valuable SEO content to your website in a natural and organic manner.

  • 2-4 unique, hand-written SEO articles that are carefully researched
  • Articles are 500-700 words in length
  • All writers work and live in the United States and are english-as-a-first-language professionals
  • Articles posted and linked to on the client website
  • Monthly reporting of keyword rankings

SEO Pricing Summary

When we are ready to discuss pricing options, there are 3 factors that come into play:

  1. The Number of Monthly Services
  2. The Type of Reports / Data Analysis
  3. The Frequency of Monthly Communication

For example, some clients simply want 1 monthly service, a standard monthly report, and one communication from us each month. As long as the client feels like we are making progress, we keep the process going. In this case, the cost per month would be $699. See the table below for the Basic Package. However, some clients want us doing several packages per month, more robust reports and data analysis, and more frequent communication. In that case, the monthly price would be about $3,150.

We typically customize your pricing based on your budget and how aggressively you want us to work on your site each month. However, in all cases, Sebo never uses long contracts. Every client has the right to leave us anytime. We think that you must feel comfortable with the progress we make and each and every month on your website.

The table below provides a brief snapshot of some common service levels.

Web Marketing Service ProvidedBronze
Number of Monthly Services1358
Cost for Services ($500 each)$500$1500$2,500$4,000
Report and Monthly Communication*Standard
Call Rail Tracking†$100$200$400$400
Package Totals$750$1,900$3,150$4,800

*Communication pricing is based on the estimated amount of communication through Phone, Email, and Meetings. Figure approximately one hour per $100 in communication fees
† CallRail fee paid directly to CallRail. Pricing will vary depending on website traffic and call volume and will most likely be less. See actual CallRail pricing breakdown at

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