SEO Pricing

Every client is unique, and so are their needs. In general, SEO work can either be done on an existing site, or a new SEO-friendly website can be created for our clients. Based on these situations, we provide unique and customized SEO pricing proposals to every potential client of Sebo Marketing after gathering details and performing our own research. The pricing can vary greatly based on who is doing what, how many phrases are being targeted, and the desired speed of results.

SEO efforts fall into several different categories:

  • The creation of SEO Strategies
  • Work done internally by Sebo Marketing employees
  • Work completed by other people or 3rd party providers
  • Reporting and Communication

Creation of SEO Strategies

SEO needs thoughtful planning. What keywords are going to be targeted? What is the current ranking of those keywords? Which keywords are likely to be able to drive traffic to a site, and which keywords are going to be extremely competitive? Will we be able to do that work on your site? Will you be the one doing that work? Do we need to:

  • Optimize existing site content?
  • Add new content for the site?
  • Get links from other sites pointing to that content?

In some cases, clients know what they need and we simply help implement those strategies. In other cases, clients rely on the SEO experts at Sebo to create and implement these strategies.

SEO Work Done by Sebo Employees

Once the strategies are defined, we need to select keywords. We typically do the keyword research, and then we discuss this list with you. At that point, we need to decide who will be doing what parts of the strategies. Are you writing the content or are we? Will you write the content and our team will optimize those pages? In some cases, we are very happy to write content, optimize existing content, and do much more to get the SEO results you desire.

SEO Work Done by Your Team or 3rd Party Providers

In some cases, it makes more sense for your team to write content. We have a lot of clients who will – under our guidance – write content around specific keyword phrases. Once the content is written, they send it to us. We review it, post it to the site, and then optimize the page from an SEO perspective.

In other cases, we might need to hire a 3rd party to write the content for you. In other cases, we might need to get a 3rd party involved to write content and link to the content that has been created on the site. This will be discussed with each client.

Reporting and Communication

Some people want lots of information about what is going on. Others just want to know things are heading in the right direction. How much we talk, how complex the reporting you want also effects the prices you pay for SEO help.

SEO Pricing Summary

We typically customize your pricing based on your budget and how aggressively you want us to work on your site each month. However, in all cases, Sebo never uses long contracts. Every client has the right to leave us anytime. We think that you must feel comfortable with the progress we make and each and every month on your website.

The table below provides a brief snapshot of some common service levels.

Web Marketing Service Provided Bronze
Cost for Sebo SEO Services $400 $900 $1,400 $2,400
Cost for 3rd Party Expenses $500 $1,000 $1,500 $2,500
Reports & Monthly Communication* Standard
Package Totals $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $5,000
OPTIONAL: Call Rail Tracking† $100 $200 $400 $400

*Communication pricing is based on the estimated amount of communication through Phone, Email, and Meetings. Figure approximately one hour per $100 in communication fees
† CallRail fee paid directly to CallRail. Pricing will vary depending on website traffic and call volume and will most likely be less. See actual CallRail pricing breakdown at

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SEO is Expensive! Is There a Less Expensive Option?

That’s a great question. In summary, SEO really does take a lot of work. However, some companies want to make progress with their site, but they need to work with a smaller budget. This is possible, but very reasonable and realistic expectations need to be set. In summary, if it’s ok for the results to take longer or you are going after less competitive phrases, we can definitely help. Please check out our SEO Starter Packages for more information.

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