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Does Your Business have an International Presence? The Internet makes having a worldwide presence make sense for many businesses. Many companies, including small "mom and pop" stores, can easily begin offering their products around the world through an effective Website. However, this brings up many common issues and concerns. For example: Can my website be [...]
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Website Design Tips

Published by Sebo Marketing

The Sebo Marketing team members have are experts at building and designing websites for high rankings. We have done tests, studied sites, and read tons of books and articles. As a result, we came up with some standards that need to be present for a site to do well. Some designs gave search engine spiders [...]
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Website Keyword Lists

Published May 7, 2014 by Sebo Marketing

Website Keyword Lists Effective Websites Start with Effective Keyword Lists A well designed Website must have a set of targeted keywords built into the navigation of the site. Each page on the site needs to target 1 keyword phrase. Many Websites make the mistake of trying to have a single Web page try to get [...]
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