Your {our} website really is fantastic!You rock! Like a rockstar. That is your rockage quotient.

Tenley Schofield, Registered Patent Attorney - Bateman IP


Site created on: Oct 09, 2014

DESIGN: Redesign

SITE TYPE: Wordpress

INDUSTRY: Professional Services


  • Design was outdated and didn't represent their brand well
  • SEO optimization was lacking resulting in poor search results
  • Calls to action were weak and missing
  • Content didn't guide visitors through the process of becoming a lead
  • No blog, articles or even options to add videos
  • Not mobile friendly


Bateman IP found Sebo Marketing through a BNI Chapter meeting. After many discussion Sebo created Bateman with a completely unique design that is unlike anything his competitors have seen. The site provided a mobile solution and excellent content flow. Calls to action were prominent resulting in more leads. Pages were optimized to improve search engine ranking and to target a more specific customer base.