E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce Website Development Increases Your Sales

Some websites are designed to generate leads for a company. Other websites are designed to sell things online, and receive payment online. These websites are called E-Commerce Websites.

How Does an E-Commerce Store Work?

A visitor arrives at your website. They browse products. Once they find a product they want, they add the product to their shopping cart. At that point, you go through the checkout process.

The checkout process collects information about them and their order (products, quantities, shipping options, etc), their billing information (credit card, billing address, etc), and their shipping information. Once they agree, they submit their order.

The website then collects the information about the transaction, and money gets collected and through your Merchant Account and Payment Gateway, the money arrives in your bank account.

Simplified Checkout Systems – Shopping Plugins

When clients want to utilize WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS), but have some checkout functionality, the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress is an excellent option. The primary reasons to use a plugin like WooCommerce are easy integration and a simplified checkout process. The primary drawback is the lack of more robust features, however, there are new plugins created all the time that allow for websites to have more advanced E-Commerce features.

Robust E-Commerce Software Solutions

E-Commerce solutions allow for dramatically increased functionality for a more robust shopping and checkout experience. In addition, the amount of client data that is retained, the ability to add new products, change prices, run sales, update shipping status, etc all work much better with e-commerce websites.

Some companies have the budget to create their own high-end, expensive e-commerce platform. Other companies buy “off the shelf” store solutions. Sebo has installed and tested over 20 e-commerce systems and evaluated the systems. Sebo looked at the feature set, the functionality, the ease of use, and very importantly, the SEO opportunities with each system.

After extensive testing, we have decided to specialize in WordPress’s WooCommerce for website development for e-commerce websites.

WooCommerce Website Development

WooCommerce powers 12.72% of all eCommerce websites, that’s more than 259,383 websites – Stats from Bultwith.com.  It is a very search engine friendly solution. While it still takes time to install, configure, and add products to the store it is all done through WordPress so the easy to use CRM is preserved.

Sebo Specializes in WooCommerce Website Development

Some people still express concerns that a site built in WooCommerce will look WooCommerce’s default appearance. That just isn’t accurate. It depends on the budget of the project.  For small budgets the website will take on the default styling of WordPress or the defaults of the WordPress Template.  For completely custom eCommerce websites the entire website will take on a custom design that was designed specifically with your target customer in mind.

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WooCommerce Websites = More Online Sales Each Month

We have helped hundreds of companies dramatically increase their online sales they receive each month through their website.

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