SEO for Contractors: What You Need to Know


Contractors get a lot of their customers through word of mouth so they tend to think that digital marketing and especially SEO are not really that important for them. However, SEO for contractors is vital because most people will head straight for Google if they need to find a contractor. If you haven’t considered your search rankings before, here are some simple ways to improve SEO for contractors. 

Get Google Verified 

Getting your business verified on Google will make you look more legitimate to potential customers but it also lends you more credibility when Google is deciding on search rankings, so your website will appear higher up. 

List Yourself On Directories 

Local directories are a good place for people to find contractors, so you should always make sure that you are listed on as many as possible. Being on lots of well respected directories also makes you appear more legitimate to Google, so it will boost your search engine rankings in the same way that getting Google verified will. However, it’s important that you keep details up to date because incorrect information can hurt your rankings. 

List More Services 

Many contractors damage their own ratings by listing too few services on their website and Google business pages. If you list yourself as a general contractor, your site will pop up for that search term. But you should also list specific things like bathroom remodeler and kitchen fitter as well because this increases the number of search terms that will display your site. 

The world of digital marketing may be alien to you, but it’s important that you master SEO for contractors if you want to boost your business. If you are struggling, we are here to help and we can handle every aspect of it for you. Just get in touch today to learn more about our services.

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