Site created on: Nov 19, 2014

DESIGN: Redesign

SITE TYPE: Wordpress

INDUSTRY: Mobile Apps


  • Website design was outdate
  • Visitor flow through site was broken
  • Poor Navigation Experience
  • Confusing Pricing Page
  • Weak Call to Actions
  • Difficult to edit - Especially the Homepage


Sales Rabbit participated in the TechX program, a business acellerator in which Sebo teaches the internet marketing portion. Impressed by our knowledge of all things internet marketing, Sales Rabbit enlisted our services to help them create a better website experience with the goal of increasing demos and sales of their app and services.

The design was targeted at first sorting the different visitor types quickly to the right location on the website. Once at the correct location, visitors could self educate on the product preparing them mentally to be ready to accept the call to action, "Request a Demo." This correct content and design sequencing will increase the overall conversion rate of the website.