Heather Bowers

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Heather Bowers


Heather was born and raised in Riverside, CA. She graduated from BYU with a public relations degree and a business minor. After working in the nonprofit marketing world for 2 years, Heather discovered a fascination with internet marketing and started at Sebo in August 2018.

Heather currently lives in Orem, Utah. At the start of 2018 she developed a love of improv comedy and now performs at ComedySportz in Provo. Her other hobbies include writing, Muay Thai, and trying new foods.



Writing - I have a goal to publish my own epic fantasy novel by 2050.
Improv Comedy - Yes and...?
Tennis - Never have been great, but I have always loved to play.
Food - Not cooking it, but eating it. I'm always looking for new restaurants to try.
Marvel - Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel character, and Infinity Wars about broke my heart.
Golf - Just starting to learn how and am excited to improve.
Halloween - Haunted houses, scary movies, trick-or-treating... I love it all.

Contact Heather

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 385-955-0035

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