Dylan Wiseman

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Dylan Wiseman


Dylan was born in the Bay Area, California, and raised in Dallas, Texas. After spending two years in Japan, Dylan began pursuing a degree in Marketing at Brigham Young University and plans to graduate in April 2019. He started working as an intern at Sebo in February 2018 while taking an internet marketing class from Bruce.

Dylan likes to get out of Provo any chance he can and plans to move somewhere near the ocean when he graduates. He also enjoys socializing on front porches, watching thunderstorms, writing, drawing, skiing, tennis, basketball, singing and playing the guitar, hosting parties, cinnamon life cereal, shopping at thrift stores, and not being inside.



Socializing - I love having parties or get-togethers with friends and family, sharing stories, dancing, eating food, etc.
Music - I sing and play the guitar and ukulele and sometimes jam with my friends.
Sports & Stuff - I played tennis and ultimate in high school, but I'm down for any sport. Also a fan of just getting outside.
Writing & Drawing - Sometimes I just gotta let my creative juices flow y'know...
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