Dallan Wortham

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Dallan Wortham


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Dallan grew up watching NASCAR and wanting to go fast. He is the youngest of five and a twin. Dallan looks like Captain America before gaining super powers, and his twin looks like Captain America post transformation.

Dallan attended both Brigham Young University Hawaii and BYU Provo. Graduating in 2017 from the Advertising Program, Dallan is now happy to be apart of the Sebo team. On the side, Dallan is also a commercial licensed pilot and stand-up comedian. He enjoys speaking Spanish, cheering on both the Utah Jazz and the Chilean National soccer team and watching Improv Comedy.


Stand-Up Comedy
Improv Comedy
Utah Jazz
Chilean National Soccer Team
Spanish Language and Culture
Trying to Golf

Contact Dallan

Email: dallan.wortham@sebomarketing.com

Phone: 385-955-0027

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