Carolyn Jensen

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Carolyn Jensen


Carolyn began working at Sebo Marketing in 2017.  She grew up in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington and as a result loves trees, rain, and grunge music. In high school, she was a proud Tuba Player for the marching band, a calling she continued to fill as a member of the Brigham Young University Marching Band.

At BYU, Carolyn earned a Business Management degree with an emphasis in Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior. These days she enjoys spending time with her husband, hiking, swimming, reading, playing the ukulele, and watching YouTube videos. She is a big fan of the weekend trip and uses almost every long weekend to visit the nearby National Parks. Her all-time favorite hike is the Narrows at Zions.


Music - Listening, playing, dancing... I can't get enough. My current playlist has a lot of Beatles on it.
Hiking - My favorite way to exercise and see beautiful places.
Swimming - Back in the day, I did the 100 m backstroke. Now I just play and splash around.
Movies - I'm a big fan of Karate Kid, Star Wars, Rocky, and anything Pixar.
Reading - Maybe it doesn't count as reading, but I listen to a lot of audio books.
Family - I really like my husband! And I spend time with my sisters any chance I get (parents too).

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Phone: 801-227-7326

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