Website Keyword Lists


Website Keyword Lists

Effective Websites Start with Effective Keyword Lists

A well designed Website must have a set of targeted keywords built into the navigation of the site. Each page on the site needs to target 1 keyword phrase. Many Websites make the mistake of trying to have a single Web page try to get good rankings for many different terms. This simply is not as effective as targeting 1 keyword phrase per page, assuming that the correct keyword is selected for that page.

What Makes a Keyword Effective?

An effective keyword has several important attributes:

  • A high number of monthly searches
  • A low number of competing pages
  • A strong correlation between the keyword phrase and the product or service that you are offering

How Does Sebo Marketing Build Keyword Lists?

Keyword lists are built using a combination of common sense and powerful tools. We use common sense to determine the main terms that people search for. Our experience helps us expand that list to include other possible options. Then, using that expanded list, we use several tools to help us expand that list even further. Once we have the list, which typically has a minimum of 500 terms, we do additional research to target the best terms.

The net effect of all of these efforts is that your site will be built around the correct keywords in the correct manner. This means your site will get better rankings for the best terms, which ultimately means more visitors to your site.

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