Utah SEO Agencies


Sebo Marketing has been providing quality SEO services since 2005. We are well respected and well known as one of the Best Utah SEO Agencies. However, there are other capable agencies as well. Sebo’s owner is good friends with many of these agency owners as well.

Sebo Marketing

Sebo has tracked the algorithm changes since 2005. We focus on ROI generating SEO. We don’t care about better rankings for obscure keyword phrases. We care about getting more visitors to client websites, and making sure those visitors are the right kinds of visitors. Bruce is also a sought after guest speaker at local universities and business organizations.


Infuseo specializes in providing SEO services for franchises, chains, and business customers. They are also very skilled at Local SEO – getting a local business showing up in Google Maps.


GroFire is great at building websites correctly from the start which makes SEO easier down the road. Once the site is live, they can help with both Local SEO and Organic SEO.

9th Root

9th Root does a lot with Social Media, but they are starting to get more involved with SEO as well.