The Importance of Internal Links


Spiders will use your own site’s navigation to determine which pages on your site are the most important to you. The more important the page is, the better that page will get ranked by Google.

When your site is designed, close attention should be paid to how many internal links are pointing to the most important pages on your site. If a page on your site is only linked to from a few other pages, Google will not rank it highly because it will not receive a high internal link score.

How do Spiders Rank Internal Links?

Specifically, spiders look at the following factors when it comes to internal links:

  1. The number of internal links – How many internal links on the site are pointing to a specific page? The more pages that link back to your sites important pages, the better.
  2. The quality of the internal links – Are those internal links coming from important pages on the site? In other words, a link from your sites home page has more value than a link coming from an obscure page on your site.

How Does Sebo Help My Internal Link Score?

Since Sebo is very aware of this issue, we have built tools to ensure that the most important pages on your site are linked to by lots of pages and by the most important pages on your site.

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