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The 3 Essential Parts to Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the core service offered by Sebo Marketing. Our entire business was initially based on our SEO expertise and our previous successes with SEO.

What are the 3 Key Components in Search Engine Optimization?

  1. The Text Component
  2. The Link Component
  3. The Popularity Component

Search Engine Optimization: The Text Component

Search engine optimization starts with the text component. This essentially means targeting one appropriate keyword per page on your website. There are many parts to this, but in summary, this means putting the right keyword, in the right places, in the right frequency.

All search engines look for the keywords the person typed into their search box in several places on your web page, and it wants to see that keyword phrase used the appropriate amount of times.

If your site does this better than your competitors, you will score well in the text component of search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization: The Link Component

Search engines want to know which pages on your site are the most important to your site. They can tell this from many ways, but the link component is a key for your site.

Essentially, search engines count up how many links from within your site point back to other pages on your site. Search engines consider 2 important factors:

  1. The pages on your site that have more links pointing to them are considered to be more important. These pages get a better link component score.
  2. The more important the page is on your site, the more value the link has. In other words, links coming from your home page are more important than links coming from some obscure page on your site.

Search Engine Optimization: The Popularity Component

The popularity component refers to links from other sites coming from your site. Years ago, any link coming to your site provided value. Unfortunately, many people made tools that provided irrelevant links to your site, and the search engines learned that these unrelated links didn’t help. Now, the search engines tell us that the following factors are critical in the popularity component:

  • The incoming link must be related to your site
  • The incoming link should be coming from a popular site to provide value
  • The incoming link should be in clean HTML code so that the link is easy for the search engine spider to follow
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