SEO for Doctors: What You Need to Know


When people move into a new area and they need to find a doctor, Google is usually their first port of call. That’s why SEO for doctors is so important but a lot of facilities don’t know how to manage their strategy. If you don’t know where to start with SEO for your medical practice, here are a few tips. 

Use Local Keywords 

People won’t just do general searches for ‘doctor’ or ‘clinic’ because they are specifically looking for a practice in their area. That’s why it’s important that you use long tail keywords with location specific terms in them. Consider where most of your current patients live and use this as a basis to decide what location specific keywords you should use. 

Demonstrate Value With Content 

Keyword rich content is important if you want to rank well on Google and it’s also a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and experience to potential patients. Trust is so important in the medical industry and if you create informative content that shows your knowledge, you can start building trust with potential patients. Don’t just see content as a way to drive traffic to your site, consider it a way to demonstrate value. 

Update Your Contact Pages 

Contact pages are a simple way to drive local traffic to your site, but if they are not updated, they can actually hurt your search engine rankings. Make sure that you have your full address with a phone number listed and it helps if you can add a Google maps links as well. 


SEO for doctors can be tough to get right and when you are trying to run a medical practice, it’s not the best use of your time. That’s why working with an SEO partner is the best way to go. Get in touch today to learn more about our services and how we can improve your SEO strategy.

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