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I regularly get asked about what makes Sebo different than the other SEO companies in Utah. Here are some of the more common questions I get.

Where are Sebo’s clients?

Sebo has worked with clients in over 10 countries throughout the world, and and in over 40 states in the USA. However, as of 2018, about half of our clients are located in Utah. We love meeting with clients in person when we can and talk about their SEO and PPC strategies with them.

Who Owns Sebo Marketing?

I co-founded Sebo Marketing in 2005 with Steve Elderkin. In 2010, Steve and I decided to go different ways. I bought him out and as of Jan 1, 2010, I have been the sole owner of Sebo Marketing.

What are Sebo’s Future Plans?

Many entrepreneurs regularly talk about their exit strategies. They talk about how long they want to own the company, then they have dreams of exiting the company for millions of dollars. Even before Sebo, I loved helping companies show up higher in Google in both the SEO and PPC results. My plan is to keep helping clients show up in Google and through Google’s properties and partners for years to come. I hope things continue to go well to at least 2030 and beyond.

Does Sebo Want to Continue to Focus on SEO?

So many companies think there is some magic or secrecy to how SEO works. While Google changes their algorithm (formula to determine SEO rankings) 100’s of times per year, there isn’t a magic formula. It’s about creating new content around phrases people search for in Google, and having the content be high enough quality that other people link to that content.

We love watching client rankings improve, but more importantly, we want their website traffic to increase because of seeing rankings improve. But even more importantly, that traffic is worthless unless it makes your phone ring and get you more clients. That’s why we love helping with SEO…it really does work and we have 12+ years worth of SEO results that prove we know what we’re doing.

What Else Makes Sebo Different than Other SEO Companies in Utah?

Two things come to mind when I get asked that question.

First, we’ve never had contracts. This simply means that if what we do works for you, and you like working with us, keep working with us. If we’re not getting the results you want, stop working with us. You need to see value from your relationship with Sebo.

Second, digital marketing changes frequently. Many competitors offer so many services that are now available. We don’t. We want to focus on SEO so that our results prove that we are the best SEO company in Utah, and we will also continue to focus on PPC advertising as well. We don’t do other things. We are Utah’s Google Experts. We’re really, really, really good at SEO and PPC.

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