How to Do SEO for Multiple Cities or Locations (P.S. We Can Do It For You)


Managing your SEO strategy is difficult at the best of times but if you have multiple business locations, it’s even harder. It’s important that you generate traffic for each location separately and ensure that potential customers are directed towards the right location. It isn’t much use if people are searching online for a business and get results about your location that is halfway across the country. So, how are you supposed to manage SEO for multiple cities? 

Location Based Web Pages 

When managing SEO for multiple locations, specific location based web pages are so important. On your business website, create a section for each different city and use location based keywords on those pages. This will drive local searches to the correct section of the site and make sure that you are getting qualified leads from search. 

Build Backlinks To Location Pages 

Building backlinks is an important part of SEO and when you are trying to manage SEO for multiple cities, you need to focus on backlinks to specific location pages rather than the front page of the site. Remember, local search terms are your priority, so links to the front page of the site will not help you that much. 

Be Consistent 

Registering your separate locations on directories like Google My Business and Yelp is a simple way to improve SEO for multiple locations. However, it’s important that you remain consistent across platforms. If you use location specific names, for example, this is considered inconsistent by Google and it will affect your rankings. 

Managing SEO for multiple locations can be incredibly difficult, but we are here to make things simple for you. If you work with us, we will handle all of your SEO needs and help you to climb up the search rankings, so get in touch today!

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