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How to Do SEO for a Franchise (P.S. We Can Do It For You)

Improving your SEO strategy and reaching the top spot on Google is vital to your success as a business. However, franchise businesses often struggle with their SEO strategy because they don’t understand some of the specific techniques that will work best for a business of that nature. 

The key for franchises is to focus on local SEO. A franchise already has a strong brand so your aim is not to build brand awareness. Instead, their aim is to capture leads from consumers in the local area, which is why local SEO is so essential. These are some of the best ways that franchise businesses can improve their SEO strategy. 

Google Maps 

Listing your business on Google maps is a simple, free way to boost your local SEO. If you are not already registered, simply head over to Google My Business and complete the registration process. Putting yourself on Google maps not only improves SEO but it also generates a lot of potential customers because Google searches are the most common way that people look for businesses. 

Location Based Keywords 

You probably already know that keyword rich content is an important part of SEO. However, when managing SEO for a franchise, it’s important that you use location based keywords to drive traffic to your specific franchise location instead of towards the overall brand. 

Encourage Reviews 

Reviews are great because consumers trust the opinion of other consumers and it will help to generate trust in your franchise. However, it’s also great for SEO because keywords in the reviews often line up with search terms.

These are some basic ideas on improving SEO for franchises but if you are finding it difficult to develop a strategy, we can handle it all for you, so get in touch today! 

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