Harness the Power of Google Site Maps


Google’s suite of webmaster tools provide you an easy way to make your site more Google-friendly. Google’s tools can show you how Google sees your site, helps you diagnose problems, and lets you share info with Google to help improve your site’s visibility.

How do Google Sitemaps Work?

Google’s engineering director, Shiva Shivakumar said, “Webmasters create XML files containing the URL’s they want crawled along with optional hints about the URL’s such as things like when the page last changed, and the rate of change. They host the Sitemap on their server and tell us where it is.”

Why do Sitemaps Work?

“Currently, web crawling is limited. Crawlers don’t know all the pages at a website (e.g., dynamic pages), when those pages change, how often to recrawl pages, how much load to put on a website. So they try to guess. We want to work collaboratively with webmasters to get a big picture of all the URLs we should be crawling, and how often they should be recrawled.”

What are the Benefits of Using Google Sitemaps?

  • Google sitemaps help you see how spiders see your page
  • Using Google sitemaps allows your site to be indexed more efficiently and more accurately
  • Google sitemaps speed up the process of discovering and indexing new websites
  • Your site is laid out exactly how you want Google to see it
  • You can know for certain if Google has seen every page on your site

How much does Google Charge for Google Sitemaps?

Google does not charge anything for this service; however, it does require technical expertise to do this properly. Yet, since Google doesn’t charge for this service, we provide this service for free for all of our site maintenance clients.

Do Yahoo! and MSN also use Sitemaps?

Sitemaps are so valuable that they are now supported by Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.

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