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Fix Web Crawl Errors

After having the major search engine spiders crawl your site, the search engine spiders can provide a list of errors they discovered. We closely monitor these results to help fix web crawl errors on your site.

What does the Web Crawl Errors Page Show Me?

The Web crawl errors page provides details about the URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) in your site that Google tried to crawl but could not access. You can see statistics on two types of URLs:

  • URLs contained in your sitemap
  • URLs found through our regular web crawl

In addition, the Web crawl errors page provides a list of error types and an approximate number of errors for each type. The errors are broken into the following categories:

  • URLs not found
  • URLs not followed
  • URLs restricted by robots.txt
  • URLs timed out
  • HTTP errors
  • URL unreachable

How Does Sebo Help Fix Web Crawl Errors?

We create special Webmaster accounts with the search engines for each our our site maintenance clients. This allows us to become aware of the exact date and time a web crawl error is discovered. Thus, we are able to immediately fix the error and have the spider recrawl the page to ensure the error was corrected properly.

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