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5 Key Search Engine Optimization Tips

Take a moment and think through the top 5 terms that people would search for if they are looking for a product or service you would sell. Now go to and type in those terms into the search box.

Do you see your website on the first page? How about page 2? Are you in the top 5?

If not, your site could benefit from search engine optimization. You have 2 choices when it comes to search engine optimization:

  1. You could hire someone to perform search engine optimization services for your website.
  2. You could follow some of the search engine optimization tips below and apply the principles on your own.

If you choose to work on your own, you should follow some of the search engine optimization tips below.

The Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips

1. Start with some keyword research – Before doing anything else, you need to know what people are searching for and the competitors for those terms. Without this knowledge, you could add search engine optimization elements to your site, but you would be targeting the wrong words!

2. Match your keyword list to your site navigation – Once you know which keywords to target, tie those keywords into your site navigation. Make sure that the most important keywords are found on the most common pages on your website.

3. Use correct Title tags – Every Web page needs to use unique Title tags.

In the above image, the title tag is the text in the blue bar that says:

Search Engine Optimization: Key Tips to Improve Search Engine Optimization.

The Title tag is the most important place to use the keyword on your Web page.

4. Use headers correctly on the page – Headers should be within <h1> or <h2> tags. On this page, there are 2 key headers. The first says Key Search Engine Optimization Tips. The second header says The Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips. By putting the phrase search engine optimization tips in the headers, it improves the text component score of the Web page.

5. Use proper keyword saturation – Look back through this page. You will notice the phrases search engine optimization and search engine optimization tips frequently. This makes it clear to the spiders that this page is targeting the phrase search engine optimization tips. Since this page is new, it currently isn’t getting ranked for the term search engine optimization tips. However, we will be watching it closely over time.

Do these Search Engine Optimization Tips Work?

Well, remember a few key things. First, these are only a few of the important search engine optimization tips that are known to Sebo. We have a list of over 25 SEO elements that we follow with all the Websites that we build. Second, some terms are highly competitive, and therefore are difficult to achieve high rankings, even with a well optimized page.

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