Writing Effective PPC Ads


Writing Effective PPC Ads

There are 5 Main Components of Successful PPC Ads

  1. Verbs that create a mental picture or tell a mini-story – Uncover, Light-Up, Reveal, all convey pictures in the readers mind with a single word.Here would be some good pictures in action:
    • These apples’ juices pour from your mouth
    • The juices slide down the apple as you take a bite
    • The size destroys your idea of what an apple should look like

    Compare these descriptions to these boring, story-less descriptions on the same aspects:

    • These apples are juicy and tasty
    • Gigantic sized apples

    By avoiding the emotionless adjectives any consumer has heard a million times before, you will instantly gain an edge on your competitors… and, pay less for top positions.

  2. Hooks that bring the reader in – Probably the easiest way to do this is by putting together two dissimilar things.Here are some examples:
    • “Blind farmer cuts perfect size apples”
    • “Average looking beauty now looks stunning”
    • “Overweight man now looks buff”

    It’s that simple. Take two things that seem like they don’t go together, and you’ve got yourself a very attractive ad.

  3. Specifics, Specifics, and more Specifics! – Avoid general claims like “Great tasting apple” or “Giant Sized.” Instead, you might say, “Won 23 taste test awards” or “1292 out of 1300 interviewed doctors recommend it.” These specifics are tangible. People can relate to them, and it allows them to immediately realize the value of your product over competing ads and search listings.
  4. The Benefit of Ease of Use – If your product or service is quick and easy, then say so. And, of course, if you have specific numbers, use them, such as, “Lose 13.72 Ibs. in 15 days” or “Instant Shipping” or “Get firm abs in 3 easy steps!”
  5. Let the Customer Know You’re in Business! – Some searchers expect most things to be free, and you do not want this type of searcher.Some markets have more of these folks than others, but a good strategy is to let those who see your ad know that as soon as they click the button, they are going to be offered the opportunity to make a purchase.A common way to let others know you’re in business is to put your products price in your description. But you can also add phrases like “Instant shipping,” “Get a free quote,” “Special sale” or anything else that lets the customer know you’ve got something to sell.By adding these phrases, you may end-up lowering your clickthrough rates, but you will increase the quality of your customer. This ultimately lowers your costs, increases your sales, and improves your profits!

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