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The 4 Key Parts of a PPC Ad

The 4 Key Parts of a PPC Ad

Example of a PPC Ad at the Top of the Page

Example of a PPC Ad on the Right Side of the Page

1. The PPC Headline or Title

This is the top line that you see in a PPC ad. In Google, it shows up in a large blue font and is underlined.

A good PPC headline doesn’t try to be clever, but it does try to capture the attention of the searcher who is most likely to buy from your Website.

2. The PPC Description

The PPC description comprises the text in the next two lines if it’s a Google PPC ad on the right side of the page. If the ad is at the top of the page, it’s the text just to the right of the display URL. In both cases, it’s the only black text in the ad.

A good PPC description qualifies the customer even more and starts the preselling process. You want the person to either read the description and say “That’s what I am looking for!” or “Nope, that’s not for me.” The description should also prepare the person for what they will see once they click on the ad and visit your Website.

3. The Display URL

The display URL is the green text that lists the URL of your Website. It is the bottom line if shown on the right side of Google’s results.

The display URL simply lets people know the Website they will go to once the click on your ad.

4. The Destination URL

The destination URL is not visible to the searcher. However, the destination URL is key to the success of your PPC ad.

The destination URL refers to the page that the person will land on once they click on your ad. In most cases, the internal pages on your site will be more specific and will convert better than your home page.

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