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Common PPC Pricing – What to Expect

Pay per click advertising is one of the most effective ways of broadcasting your business to thousands of new prospects. The ROI is impressive, but how much does PPC cost? We’ve created a short PPC pricing guide to help you understand what to expect:

Creation vs. Optimization

To begin, you have variations in price depending on the specific PPC services you’re after. Creating a complete Google Ads PPC campaign will cost anywhere between $700 and $1,400. The reason for the big price discrepancy is due to the size of the campaign. 

By contrast, if you want to optimize an existing campaign, it will cost significantly less. Typically, our PPC optimization services start at $500 per month. 

How many services do you need?

Optimizing a PPC campaign will require a selection of different services. This can include monthly reports, regular communication, and so on. The number of services you choose will increase the price of this service. Also, factor in that these services will be added to the cost of creating a PPC campaign. Once a campaign has been set up and created, you obviously need to keep optimizing it. 

Campaign duration

Lastly, the duration of your PPC campaign is a significant pricing factor. Let’s say you want to run a campaign for a Christmas sale – this will only last a couple of months. So, it will cost less than if you have an ongoing campaign to advertise your business throughout the year. 

Overall, you’re in control when deciding how much PPC costs. Consider how many services you need, and for how long you require them.

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