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So, now you have a PPC account and it is working for you. What’s next with the account? Just let it keep running and have it work for you month after month?

That is a common perception and a common practice. The account starts working, and you move on to other marketing efforts and just let the PPC account run on cruise control.

What is PPC Optimization? What’s Involved in the Optimization Process?

PPC Optimization is the process of learning from your data and deciding what to do next. In summary, the big decision is to determine if the account is working well for you.

Optimizing a Profitable PPC Account

If your account is working well, meaning it is generating a profitable ROI for you, then the next step is to increase the amount of visitors coming to your site through PPC. How?

Optimizing a Poor PPC Account

If you account is not working well, and is losing you money, don’t just assume that PPC doesn’t work or that it is too expensive. Consider some of these strategies:

Why is PPC Optimization Important?

If you aren’t looking at your PPC account on a regular basis, you just aren’t likely maximizing the profits you could be generating. Even if it is working for you, you likely could be doing even better.

Additionally, AdWords and the competitive landscape is always changing. What happens to your account if new competitors begin bidding on the same keywords as you? What if Google introduces a new policy or feature that, if left alone, produces unsavory results?

Active management of a PPC account helps avoid sudden spikes in poor traffic and low conversions.

How Can Sebo Help?

We offer a FREE PPC Audit. We’ll let you know if things are going well or if there is room for improvement. Fill out our online form or call our office at 801-227-7326 and ask to speak to a member of our optimization team. We’ll take a look right away and get back to you soon.

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