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Conversion Rate Case Studies

Rat Fink by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth (

This is very likely the craziest site we have ever done! Years ago, a brilliant outside of the box thinker named Ed “Big Daddy” Roth started drawing a picture of something that was the opposite of Mickey Mouse…and Rat Fink was born!

Pretty soon, Ed was a “a hot-roddin’, gear head, mad scientist, and struggling artist who financed his inventions by selling drawings and t-shirts at drag events, fairs, and car shows.”

It expanded into a line of t-shirts, custom cars, books, art and even a movie starring John Goodman!

But their plain old black and white website just didn’t cut it. It just didn’t match their brand. After Ed passed away, his wife approached Sebo in 2010 to improve the look and feel of the Rat Fink website.

Once the new site launched, the conversion rate doubled within the first 2 months. Many years later the site continues to be an online success.

Missouri Bankruptcy Center (

In June of 2009, Sebo began conversations with a talented bankruptcy attorney in Missouri. Aaron wanted to generate more leads online than he was getting from his existing website, which was the typical “we are your full service law firm” message and lots of pictures of members of the staff in fancy offices with lots of wood trim.

We knew that a site that focused on bankruptcy “we are local bankruptcy specialists” would work much better. We were right 🙂

Statistically, most well designed law firm websites convert about 2% of the visitors into leads for the firm. The Missouri Bankruptcy Center website converts visitors about 500% better than the normal site, regularly converting 10-12% of the visitors into quality leads.

How Can Sebo Help You?

Feel free to also take a look at our new website portfolio to get an idea of how we can turn a poor converting website into a site that generates leads or online sales for you month after month, and year after year!

Our Optimization team also has years of experience working with existing sites to increase website conversion rates, and can offer lots of strategies to make a difference in your business. Fill out the online form or give us a call at 801-227-7236 and speak to a member of our Optimization team today!



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