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Lead Generation WordPress Template Websites

Some websites are designed to sell things through an E-Commerce store. Other sites are designed to generate leads for a company. These sites are called Lead Generation Websites. Most websites created and / or managed by Sebo are lead generation websites.

Here’s how it works. A visitor arrives at your website. Once they arrive, they start looking around. Hopefully you offer what they are looking for. As soon as they find what they need, they need to come across a web form. Keep the form simple and require the least amount of info possible.

Once the form is completed, companies will typically want the content of the lead form emailed directly to them. The lead will be emailed to you within seconds of the form being submitted. Follow up with the lead as soon as possible. Create systems to follow up with leads within 5 minutes of the lead arriving.

Why Use WordPress?

Sebo builds lead generation websites with a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress. WordPress started as a blogging software, but has evolved into the world leading CMS. As of 2013 (the 10th anniversary of WordPress), over 66% of all websites in the world are built in WordPress! Even large corporations like GM, UPS, eBay, Sony, Volkswagen, CNN, Forbes, the New York Times and Pepsi rely on WordPress.

Sebo Specializes in WordPress Template Websites

Some people still express concerns that a site built in WordPress will look like a blog. Nothing could be further from the truth. WordPress websites can look like anything you want. View our New Website Portfolio.

WordPress Template Websites = More Leads Each Month

We have helped hundreds of companies dramatically increase the number of leads they receive each month through their website.

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