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WordPress Websites

“Wait, wait, wait—you’re saying that Sebo builds websites with WordPress? So . . . won’t it end up looking like a blog?”

Nope (unless you want it to, of course, in which case we could arrange something). 66% of all websites rely on WordPress to function!

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E-Commerce Websites

Improve the sales of your business by including an online store on your website! Sebo can put a store in place on your website to help your site visitors through a seamless checkout process.

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Custom Web Design

While Sebo has built 1,000’s of websites since 2005, in 2015 we decided to split the company into 2 parts. Bruce decided to sell off the Custom Site Build portion of Sebo Marketing to Pete Rakozy and Rob Skidmore. They created a company that initially was known and Sebo Development, and has since rebranded to be Site Smash. Go check them out!

If you have questions and just want to make sure you are heading in the right direction, learn more at our custom website page.

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Website Pricing

How expensive is a basic site? Smaller sites are less expensive than larger ones, and adding cool features increases the price. The price of a website depends on if you want a template website, or if you want all of the bells and whistles too!

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Website Portfolio

Can Sebo really help your website look super gorgeous? Take a look at the before and after shots of websites we’ve redesigned in the past! Our portfolio also includes websites that Sebo has built from scratch.

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