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Sebo Marketing Summary – Internet Marketing Firm

Build, promote, and maintain your website faster, better, and cheaper with Sebo Marketing.

Online success depends on many factors, such as Internet marketing, graphic design, and technical skills. You can create a successful online strategy, but it is a complicated, expensive, and risky path to walk alone. Sebo Marketing is an internet marketing firm that has the experience to optimize each aspect of your online strategy to reduce your risk and costs.

Online strategies must be built on strong foundations for long-term growth. A site shouldn’t be launched and forgotten. Over the years, as your business grows and changes, your strategy will shift with it. Managing this process is crucial to your ongoing success.

Because of our track record of increasing our clients’ online success, we are even willing to tie our compensation to your success.

  • Sebo drives traffic to websites through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.
  • Sebo maximizes the effectiveness of websites by monitoring visitor behavior to maximize results.

The Creation of Sebo Marketing

The concept of Sebo Marketing came from a combination of ideas from Bruce Rowe and Steve Elderkin, Sebo’s founders. At the time Sebo was formed, Bruce had several years of Internet marketing experience, and Steve had expertise in building software tools. Steve suggested the creation of some smart software tools that would combine Bruce’s Internet marketing expertise with the power of software to make Bruce more efficient in working with his clients.

In March of 2005 the first version of this software tool, called PageMentor, was created and used to launch a new website for This launch was very successful, and WhiteCanyon saw an immediate increase in traffic and sales.

Bruce and Steve then took on a few more clients and, seeing the success they were having, they decided to officially create Sebo. Sebo Marketing, Inc. became a legal entity in September 2005.

Sebo Marketing’s Growth

Several key employees joined our team in early 2005, which was prior to the official launch of the company. Employees such as Paul Severts and Dane Godwin played critical roles in the early days of Sebo and we have continued to grow, change and expand our team throughout the years. (learn more about our current team by visiting our Management Team page). Adding more employees over the years has allowed us to expand our service offerings to our clients. This also allows us to add new clients on a regular basis.

We now have clients throughout the United States. We have also added a client located in the Netherlands, which means we have serviced clients in over a dozen countries!

Sebo Marketing’s Next Stages

We will remain on the forefront of Internet marketing technology as an internet marketing firm, and we commit to providing services that help our clients achieve online success.

For more information about how we can benefit your business, please contact us.


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