Internet Marketing Services

Providing Trusted Internet Marketing since 2005

At Sebo Marketing, we’ve been delivering high quality internet marketing services since 2005. We are dedicated to making sure your website serves not only as a brochure for your product, but as an actual source of conversions and revenue. Whether or not you live in Utah, let Sebo Marketing take care of all of your internet marketing needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the two core services offered by Sebo Marketing. Our entire business was created to drive profitable visitors to websites via SEO and PPC advertising. Learn more about how we help companies drive more traffic via SEO.

Pay Per Click

Over the years, Sebo has driven over 40 million visitors to our client’s websites via pay per click (PPC) advertising! In addition, our ads have been seen over 6.5 billion times. We’re pretty experienced with PPC advertising 🙂  But maybe more importantly, we are very careful to drive these visitors profitably for our clients.

Website Design

While this isn’t one of our core services, we have built over 700 new websites since 2005. If you want a new website, a better website, or even a mobile friendly site, we should talk.

Website Optimization

This is often confused with Search Engine Optimization. It’s very different. SEO gets you more visitors coming to your website. Website optimization is a long and involved process to ensure that your site is effective in accomplishing its stated purposes and objectives for internet marketing. Are the visitors doing what you want them to do? Can you improve the process? That’s website optimization.


We offer a free, no-obligation analysis of your website. We will examine your website the way search engines do, as well as from a marketing standpoint. We will deliver you a custom report to show you if and how your website could be improved from an internet marketing perspective by looking at your SEO, PPC, Conversion Rate elements and much more.