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Sebo Marketing site build department becomes Sebo Dev L.L.C.

Sebo Marketing is announcing the creation of Sebo Dev LLC a sister company that handles all website development. As of September 2nd, 2015 Sebo has become two companies, Sebo Marketing & Sebo Dev LLC.

For years Sebo Marketing provided the services to build a website, drive traffic to the site and optimize it over time all without the use of long term contracts. This work was completed by two departments within Sebo Marketing; the Site Build Department (Web Development) and the Optimization Department (Marketing).

Both departments were performing adequately but had plateaued in growth for various reasons. After much deliberation Bruce decided that it would be best for him to focus on the marketing side and to turn the Site Build Department into it’s own company. Bruce graciously gave ownership of the site build site, now Sebo Dev, to Pete Rakozy and Rob Skidmore but retains a seat on the company board and acts as an advisor.

The resulting division has allowed for many benefits. Bruce is now able to focus exclusively on marketing and making his services world class. Pete and Rob are now able to specialize in web development resources in ways they couldn’t before.

Both companies currently reside in the same building, share the same phone number and work very closely together on all projects.

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